Saturday, November 10, 2012

Done With Antibiotics!

Our prescription of Amoxicillin said to give it twice a day for 10 days, but tonight we gave Fox the last drops left in the bottle after only a week. So that's it, we're done. Right? Gosh I hope so. He is acting much better, we have no stains in our cloth diapers, and it didn't upset his tummy. Hopefully our first ear infection is under our belt and he doesn't have any more, ever! Fingers crossed...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Surprise! Fox's First Ear Infection

I was always relieved when I'd take Fox to the doctor thinking he had an ear infection and the doctor would assure me it was just teething. He was always tugging his ear, never wanted me to touch them, and hated to lay down except to sleep. After a few false alarms I stopped worrying every time he'd mess with his ear.
Well yesterday he had a runny nose and a productive cough so I decided to take him in to get checked out because he ALWAYS gets sick on a Friday and I hate waiting all weekend not knowing what's up. So while we were in there she was shining the light in his ear and like every other time she has to get her little ear wax tool and remove some junk that's in her way. She checked his right ear and said it was all clear, then checked his left ear and after fighting with some ear wax for a bit, she said "It's his ear." I was so surprised! She told me his other symptoms were an upper respiratory infection caused by the infection. Boo :(
When she told me she was going to put him on an antibiotic a million things went through my head... yucky poop! Ruined cloth diapers! Diaper rash! But luckily I have amazing, knowledgeable friends who helped me with what to do. I got him some yogurt, a probiotic from the pharmacy, and said who cares about stains in my diapers. And my Grandma El's just arrived in the mail. So I am fully prepared for whatever the antibiotics bring my way!