Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Whoa, I Have A Toddler Now

When people tell you about toddlers, it always seems to be the negative stuff. They tell you about the tantrums, the attitude, their love of the word NO, how they get into everything. Yes, all of this is true... but no one ever really takes the time to tell you about how awesome toddlers are.
Here's a few reasons why I love having a toddler:
  •  He follows commands. Toddlers seem to love following directions, as long as they feel like they're helping out. Fox throws away trash, picks up toys, helps me put away dishes, and I've even put him to work vacuuming. I'm not ashamed.
  • Go big or go home. Everything he does, he does it whole-heartedly. Mooing at a cow? Yep, at the top of his lungs. 
  • He answers my questions. It's no longer a mystery what he wants or needs. He helps me figure out what's going on in his little head, or at least narrow it down a bit quicker.
  • All things are exciting. Bugs, planes, socks, the neighbor's annoying dog. He is amazed by things adults usually ignore. He helps me see the beauty in things all over again.
  • He is fun. We play catch, we dance, we jump super high, we run around the house, we sing songs. We have a ton of fun together and I love every single second.
I think advice-givers have it all backwards, personally. They tell you how lovely life is with a baby, and how rough life is with a toddler. Fox is only 21 months old, but his first few months in our lives were the toughest yet. Now we have all these added perks and I'm like heck yes! I know it won't last long (so they say), so I'm enjoying it while I can.