Monday, January 23, 2012

Phone Photos

Here are some pictures that are currently on my phone.

This is my fridge with a few of the Christmas cards and pictures we received. I love my mommy friends <3

Fox wanted to be like Daddy so he stole his spot in the bed. If you know Brent - you know this looks like someone shrunk him and shaved his beard off.

Hanging out in the Moby around the house.

 I don't think he wanted his picture taken.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cloth Diaper Talk: Necessities

There are sooo many cloth diapering accessories out there and it can get a bit overwhelming. Besides the diapers themselves, you only need a few key items. Everything else is personal preference and an added bonus.

  • First, you need detergent. There are a ton of cloth diaper friendly detergents on the market, but you can save a few bucks and just go to the store and find a detergent that is free of fragrance, dyes, enzymes, and brighteners. You can get a complete list of detergents here.

  • Next, you need a diaper pail. Any plastic container with a lid that holds one load of diaper laundry will do. I line my pail with a GroVia pail liner so that on laundry day I can take my load straight from the pail to the washing machine without touching dirty diapers. Some people believe in soaking diapers but I think its an unnecessary step (and it seems messy).

  • You also need wet bags. These are PERFECT for on-the-go and I keep a clean one in my diaper bag 24/7. When you take off a dirty diaper you toss it in the waterproof wet bag and then empty it in the diaper pail when you get home.

  • Everyone needs cloth diaper friendly diaper rash cream! My absolute favorite is Grandma El's because you only need a teeny tiny bit and it smells so yummy! And if you don't wanna touch baby's bottom you can use the Grovia Magic Stick. Just rub it on and you're done!

That's basically it! If you cloth diaper on a budget there are many DIY methods moms use (for example using a rubbermaid tote or a trash can with lid instead of a diaper pail).

A few items that aren't absolutely necessary but make life easier are:
  • Diaper sprayer
  • Cloth wipes and solution
  • Disposable liners
  • Diaper pail deodorizer

Sunday, January 15, 2012


The dreaded monster has arrived.

Drool. Fussiness. Sticking his tongue out. Gnawing on everything. Yep, just as I suspected... tiny white dots on his gums.

Since all the recent talk about benzocaine (in products like Orajel) being harmful, I am trying natural remedies. He hates anything cold, so frozen teethers or wash cloths are out of the question. I am at a loss with what to try next!

He is in a lot of pain when he nurses so he unlatches often and fusses while eating. And he is extremely clingy. I've had my hands full this weekend!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Look Back

I had a not-so-great pregnancy. I was sick the entire time. I was uncomfortable. I couldn't stand for long periods of time without feeling weak. My blood was constantly being drawn and I peed way too many times in a jug than should be allowed since I had all the symptoms of pre-eclampsia. My ankles were swollen for about 6 months straight. But funny thing happens after you have a baby... you forget all of the bad times. Flipping through my photos I saw my progressive belly bump pictures and started thinking. Feeling the first flutters. Watching my belly jiggle as he tap danced on my ribs. Getting the ultrasound and seeing his big grin that I now know and love. I kind of *miss* being pregnant... and believe me, I NEVER thought those words would come out of my mouth in my near future.

 18 weeks and finally showing
 On the beach in Galveston, TX

 My last pregnant picture - 5 days before delivery
 We got our 3D ultrasound late, so this was the best picture we got

Sweet little guy

New Camera

For Christmas I got a new Canon Rebel T2i dSLR camera and a How To book to go along with it. I've been using my son and my dogs as my guinea pigs... here are some pictures.

 Titan by the fire

 My big boy wearing his first 3-6 months onesie

 I love his big smile!

 Playing with a new Christmas toy

Christening his new play mat with drool
Modeling his new hat
Achilles looking like he hates his life lol
Big boy in the tub! He was loving it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cloth Talk: Types of Diapers

Usually with cloth diapers you have two parts: The waterproof cover and the absorbent diaper. There are several different types of diapers to choose from:

All In One (AIO)

All in one diapers are the most similar to disposable diapers, since there is no prepping involved. You simply put it on the baby and go. The waterproof shell and the absorbent diaper is all one piece and they fasten with snaps or velcro. I have used the bumGenius Elemental AIO and I love it.
Advantages: Easy to use, best for dads and daycare
Disadvantages: Longer drying time, more expensive than other types of diapers

All In Two (AI2)

All in two diapers have a waterproof cover and either a snap-in or lay-in soaker (the absorbent layer). You can continue to reuse the cover and just change out the soaker with each diaper change as long as it does not get dirty. I have used the Flip system, gDiapers, and the Grovia system and loved them all. You use lay-in inserts in the Flip and gDiaper covers, and snap-in soakers in the Grovia covers.
Advantages: Quick drying time, Easy to prepare and put on, Reusable cover
Disadvantages: Not the most cost efficient compared to others

 Pocket diapers have a waterproof cover with thin liner sewn in which either has one or two openings to make a pocket. You then stuff absorbent liner(s) in the pocket and place the diaper on the baby. They fasten with snaps or velcro. My favorite pockets are AppleCheeks, bumGenius 4.0, and GoGreen Champs.
Advantages: Adjustable absorbency, easy for dads and daycare (after you do the work of stuffing)
Disadvantages: Requires stuffing, some brands require you to "un-stuff" before washing


Fitted diapers are made up of multiple layers of absorbent fabric and look similar to a disposable, but these diapers alone are not waterproof. They require an additional waterproof cover. You reuse the cover and change the fitted diaper with each use until the cover gets dirty. They have either a velcro or snap closure. I have only used a fitted once and didn't like it, so I have no recommendations for any favorites.
Advantages: Very absorbent, perfect for nighttime since it offers great leak protection
Disadvantages: Two step process which can be exhausting if you are diapering a wiggly baby, long drying time

Flat or Prefold

Flat diapers are a rectangular piece of absorbent material. A prefold diaper is a flat with an extra layer of absorbent material in the middle. You fold these diapers so that you can either lay them inside a cover or fasten them on the baby using pins or a snappi. They require an additional waterproof cover. I have never used these, so I don't have any brand recommendations.
Advantages: Most cost efficient, Fast drying time
Disadvantages: Not as convenient as modern diapers, takes time to learn the folds

This is part of a series of cloth diapering basics from my perspective. Follow my blog or check back for more of this series in the future!