Thursday, February 2, 2012

He Rolled Over!

Today Fox had his 4 month well visit, complete with all the measurements and those mean ol' shots. He weighed in at a whopping 13 pounds 8.8 ounces (sarcasm, by the way) and he took his shots like a champ! Daddy got to go and hold his hands, and I stood behind him and peeked my head over and winced when the needles went in. 
We discussed rolling over, and the doctor questioned whether he had and asked if he was getting a lot of tummy time. I lied. He hates it and I hate making him scream. She said not to worry and that he'd probably start in the next two weeks.

Fast forward a few hours -- he just got done eating and was in a great mood and I thought I can put him on his belly and either ruin his good mood, or maybe he would actually enjoy it for longer than 5 seconds.
I laid him on the mat and turned to take a sip of water and when I moved the cup from in front of my face he was on his back looking up at me! I rolled him back over and he did it a few times more so I grabbed the camera. 

 Just after snapping a million pictures of him just laying there, I go to turn off my camera and BOOM! he rolls over. So we try again a little later...

 Eying his little frog toy.

 Starting to roll.

 A little wobbly.

Getting closer.

Halfway there!
 That was fast!


What just happened??

Thank goodness for the continuous shooting feature on my camera or I would have never captured these pictures!


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