Friday, January 18, 2013


Fox is such a talker now! He has a good mix of baby babble and real words. There are around 20 words he knows and can identify, and he repeats several random words we say [like "psycho"].

Here's his current vocabulary list:
- Hello
- Hey
- Bye Bye
- See Ya
- Night Night
- Daddy
- Momma
- Titan [our dog]
- Dog
- Who's That? "whosat"
- Here You Go "heego"
- Bath
- Teeth
- Ball "baa"
- Yeah
- This
- No
- Uh Oh
- Banana "nla nla" [not sure why he puts the L sound in there...]
- Yay
- Paci "dadi"
- Milk "muh"
- Fish
Yesterday he started saying Poo Poo, Blanket, and Diaper after me. So we may be adding that to this list soon. And I swear he has correctly identified a boobie twice on both Brent and I, but I can't bring myself to say that is part of his vocabulary yet haha. We are also working on his animal sounds. He barks like a dog "ruff ruff" and makes monkey sounds "ooh ooh ahh ahh" and occasionally will quack like a duck. He also says a bunch of stuff that I have no idea how to translate. His little voice is so stinkin' adorable and he always has such enthusiasm about everything.
He also amazes me every single day with how much he knows. I told him something he picked up off the floor was trash, and he went and threw it away. I didn't even know he knew what the trash can was! And yesterday Brent was bringing firewood upstairs and when Fox saw him, he ran over to the fireplace and excitedly pointed and said something I couldn't understand.
After doing some reading online, it seems like Fox falls right into place with other average 15-month-olds. Maybe a tiny bit ahead. But to me, he'll always be my little genius! Haha :)