Monday, May 13, 2013

Loving Some AppleCheeks!

I was introduced to the AppleCheeks cloth diaper brand by my friend Katie. At the time I wasn't even thinking about having kids, but I was intrigued by the cuteness in all of the pictures of her little boy in their diapers on her blog. When it actually came time for me to start researching cloth diapers during my pregnancy, everywhere I read said to buy lots of different brands to see which you like best. So I started collecting a variety of brands and styles to try out on Fox when he got here, and over the course of a few months I experimented with lots of different combinations to see what worked best and what I liked the most. Our AppleCheeks were definitely some of our favorites. It only took me 18 months, but I finally set out on a mission to switch over to having a stash made up of a majority of AppleCheeks. I sold some diapers to fund the switch, and watched the AC buy/sale/trade (B/S/T) group like a hawk and hunted down some awesome deals! I currently have about 25 size 2s, and 8 size 1s that are getting some use by our little Leap Frog puppy Scout :)
A few people have asked me why I love AppleCheeks so much. First of all I love how trim they are. We use the bamboo 2 ply inserts which are very thin yet absorbent, which allow me to add layers without adding bulk. And thanks to the AppleCheeks Anonymous chat group on Facebook, I learned of the perfect combination for night time. Yay for no leaks! Of course I love the look of the diapers. The colors, the ruffles, the snaps. When you put it all together you have an adorable little diaper for both boys and girls. There's no way you can see a little fluffy AppleCheeks bottom and not fall in love! I also adore the brand itself. All the girls who represent the company are so sweet and personable. They come up with fun ways to interact with fans and customers, and they answer any questions people have. Overall it is a well-crafted diaper made by an awesome Canadian company, sold by some of the best retailers. They are worth every penny!

Some of my pretties!


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