Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cloth Diaper Talk: Necessities

There are sooo many cloth diapering accessories out there and it can get a bit overwhelming. Besides the diapers themselves, you only need a few key items. Everything else is personal preference and an added bonus.

  • First, you need detergent. There are a ton of cloth diaper friendly detergents on the market, but you can save a few bucks and just go to the store and find a detergent that is free of fragrance, dyes, enzymes, and brighteners. You can get a complete list of detergents here.

  • Next, you need a diaper pail. Any plastic container with a lid that holds one load of diaper laundry will do. I line my pail with a GroVia pail liner so that on laundry day I can take my load straight from the pail to the washing machine without touching dirty diapers. Some people believe in soaking diapers but I think its an unnecessary step (and it seems messy).

  • You also need wet bags. These are PERFECT for on-the-go and I keep a clean one in my diaper bag 24/7. When you take off a dirty diaper you toss it in the waterproof wet bag and then empty it in the diaper pail when you get home.

  • Everyone needs cloth diaper friendly diaper rash cream! My absolute favorite is Grandma El's because you only need a teeny tiny bit and it smells so yummy! And if you don't wanna touch baby's bottom you can use the Grovia Magic Stick. Just rub it on and you're done!

That's basically it! If you cloth diaper on a budget there are many DIY methods moms use (for example using a rubbermaid tote or a trash can with lid instead of a diaper pail).

A few items that aren't absolutely necessary but make life easier are:
  • Diaper sprayer
  • Cloth wipes and solution
  • Disposable liners
  • Diaper pail deodorizer


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