Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Bite

From the get-go I decided we wouldn't start Fox on solids until he was 6 months old at least. Also, I was pretty sure we were going to skip cereal altogether. The AAP recommends that babies not be started on solids until 6 months of age so that's what I was basing it off of, plus breastfed babies don't need any added nutrition before 6 months since they get everything they need straight from their mom.

But then we hit the 5 month mark. 

Fox seemed to want to nurse much more frequently which meant this momma with a full time job was losing sleep. I get up to feed him 2-3 times a night now and in between the feedings he stirs and whines in his bed. I know starting babies on cereal doesn't guarantee better sleep, but it's worth a shot.

So last night we took a late night trip to Target to get some organic brown rice cereal and oatmeal cereal to try today. This morning we brought up the high chair, broke out the bowls and spoons, and I pumped some milk to mix the cereal with. Once I got it to a consistency I was happy with we sat down and gave Fox his first bite.

 Not really sure what to do at first.

 He thought it would be better if he helped out.

 Mmm that's the stuff!

 Just a bit messy.

 By the end he was loving it.

 Daddy snapped this picture mid-babble.

Such a happy, full boy!

He definitely seemed to enjoy his first taste of cereal so that made me feel much better about it. I can't believe my big boy is already 5 months and eating food!


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