Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our New {To Us} Stroller

After we hiked a trail in Gatlinburg with two other families who had jogging strollers it became obvious that our little Chicco stroller just wasn't the right fit for our family. We really like being outdoors and going on mini adventures, so we need a stroller that could be ready for any type of terrain we find ourselves on. I decided to search Craigslist to see if I could find a decent jogging stroller for cheap. My friends have a BOB and a Baby Trend so I was looking for those brands in particular since I had seen them in action, but a listing for a Peg Perego stroller caught my attention (maybe because it had "DEAL!!!" in the title and I'm cheap) so I clicked it. I immediately fell in love with it based on looks alone and headed to Google to do some research on it. 
There really wasn't much online about it! I don't know if it's because it isn't sold it stores here, or maybe it is rare, or an old model. But I did find a really helpful video on YouTube about it.

This isn't the exact one I have, but it was the closest thing I could find. Mine is just a GT3, not the GT3 ForTwo (which means mine doesn't have the seat for the basket, but it does have a spot for an older child to stand on the back).

Here are some pictures of the stroller I got.
There are several stock pictures on Google, but unfortunately not as many articles.

Fox likes to hang his leg off the side and seems to be quite comfy!

A few things I really like about my stroller:
  1. The color. I love love love the color green for Fox. Does anyone else associate a certain color with their kid, or am I the only weird one?
  2. The hand brake. Also that I can lock the wheels by using the hand brake instead of trying to work those little levers on the back of the wheels with my feet.
  3. The large basket. My big ol' diaper bag could get lost in there, where with my old stroller I had to use my foot to cram it in there so I could fit more stuff.
  4. It rides like a Cadillac. If Fox knew what that meant I'm sure he would agree. 
  5. The price. I saw this bad boy for sale on Amazon for $699.95 and I paid 1/4 of that for it in excellent used condition. Cha-ching!
I am so thankful that I stumbled across that Craigslist listing, because this stroller is perfect for us and I can't wait to take it on some fun adventures.


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