Thursday, June 7, 2012

That's his FIRST name?

Many people hear my son's name and immediately think of the animal. As cute as they may be, they did not inspire us to name our first born after them.
Fox is actually named after a man born in Kentucky on November 1, 1878. That man is Brent's great great grandfather. It took some convincing on Brent's part to get me to agree to the name and honestly I still wince a little when I tell strangers because they usually either love it or hate it, and always have something to say about it. No matter what people say - I adore the name. It may be a bit strange, but it is easy to pronounce and spell unlike a lot of unique names now.

Our first issue over his name came up when we were trying to get his birth certificate. The lady told us it wasn't ready and ended up calling the hospital who told her his name wasn't in their system at all. Weird. She then proceeds to tell me I need to call the hospital to get it sorted out. Turns out she was searching as if his last name was Fox. Of course as soon as I pointed out her mistake she quickly took my money and handed over the birth certificate.

Next occasion was at the pharmacy waiting to pick up his prescription of Zantac. The pharmacy tech asks "What's the first name?" and Brent answers "Fox." Then the guy says "That's his FIRST name?" Nope kid, we lied.

Even though we have hit a few little bumps with it, for the most part people compliment his name and say it is either "cute" or "cool." I knew Fox was going to be one of a kind (how could he not with parents like us?) and he deserved a one of a kind name to fit.


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