Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Planning and Reflection

Three months to go until Fox turns one. Every single parent I come in contact with has told me to "cherish every moment because it flies by" and so I have. I am so lucky to have witnessed him smile, laugh, roll over, sit up, crawl, and pull up for the first time. I have been a mamarazzi and taken pictures of him nearly every day (I stopped posting them on Facebook all the time, but you can follow me on Instagram @haleynicole71 to get your Fox fix). I smother him with kisses, suffocate him with hugs, and attack him with tickles. We laugh together and sometimes I want to cry together. But I wouldn't change a thing.
I decided on his first birthday theme of monsters about 4 months ago. Since then I have collected invitations, goody bags, thank you cards, a onesie, and a bib for when he eats his cake. I have been searching Etsy and party blogs like crazy and pinning all kinds of stuff on Pinterest. Here is some of my inspiration.

Printable monster decor 



Monster Birthday ideas

I hope I can catch the 'crafty bug' so I can get some motivation and try to make some of his decorations. If not, then I'll have to get some help from my crafty friends lol.


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