Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nine Months

Sorry so late updating, but Fox is now 9 months old! He spent his 9 month birthday celebrating his cousin's birthday at a barnyard bash with a petting zoo and pony ride. He also got to go swimming this month for the first time, and he absolutely loved it.
Fox and I spend most days together and he has some serious separation anxiety. I can't leave the room without him crying or trying to follow me. Even when Brent is home he still freaks out. As long as I am in the room with him he's perfectly fine and will go play with his toys. I really hope he gets over this stuff FAST!

Some new things Fox started doing in the past month:
  • Playing Pat-a-Cake both by himself and when we say it or do it
  • Pulling up on and cruising along furniture
  • Standing by himself for a few seconds
  • Babbling all kids of nonsense
  • STILL not saying momma! Grrr....
  • Does the hand gesture for "come here"
  • Calls the dogs by clicking his tongue
  • Walking behind toys
 His growing hasn't slowed down yet and he eats like a piggy! At his 9 month checkup he weighed 19.2 lbs and was 28.25" tall.


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